Let's Make Our Indoor Air Healthy

The cost-effective way for purifying indoor air

Remove Odours & Pollutants
Remove Allergens & Bacteria
Zero Electric
Long Lasting Up to 3 Years

Remove Toxins & Chemical
Remove Excess Moisture
Premium Linen Fabric
100% Natural
Made For Highly Polluted Countries

features and benefits

These are the answers of why goodair is unique compare to other Activated Charcoal air purifier products.

Meets All International Standards

Goodair Activated Carbon meets all International Standards. It Includes High adsorption capacity, High Retention, Optimized density, Extensive internal structure, Low ash content, Optimum pressure, Maximum Hardness, Excellent micro porous structure and Low dust content.

European Standard Certified Product

We are not ready to compromise the quality of our products. We follow test method in each and every products under European Standard and certified. It ensure our customers use the product with high confidence.

3 Level Impregnated

Absorption capacity increase up to 7 times than Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. Impregnation will activate the micropores to adsorb smaller sized pollutants and toxic gases like Ammonia, Cyclohexane, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide and combination of these.

Chromium Free Respiratory Activated Carbon

European Union imposes restrictions to chromium. It aimed to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. Breathing in high levels of hexavalent chromium can cause irritation to the nose and throat.

Virgin Activated Coconut Shell Carbon

Activated carbon made from coconut shell has a higher iodine value than those produced from coal, Which is over 10 times more porous than bamboo charcoal.

Low Mesh Size

As per various test conducted based on mesh sizes of Activated Carbon, Low mesh size increase maximum coverage in indoors for adsorb pollutants and toxic gases.

Activated Powerful Granular

Granular Activated Carbon is irregular in shape which is formed by sieving and milling of Activated Carbon. Granular Activated Carbon is used for purifying large volume of gas. It is harder and lasts longer and can be reactivated and reused several times compare to non granular.

Multi Layer Architecture

Goodair purifier bag has a unique internal design for the fast operation against allergens, polluted particles in the indoor air. The layered architecture helps to purify the air from surround of the product located.